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In Memory of Our Beloved Vizsla FAMILY
Image by Cole Wyland
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The Rheingold Vizslas family lost one of their Dogfathers, Stanley Miller, at the grand age of 95, on May, 7, 2023.  Stan and Steve Shylen, his husband of 48 years, were longtime members and participants in the Vizsla Club of America and numerous regional Vizsla clubs.

There are so many dogs, so many memories, so many dog parties, so many stories, so many shows, so many desserts, and so many glasses of wine to smile about.  Steve and Stan got their first Vizsla in 1986 and dove in headfirst, in showing, field events, fun days, breeding, and rescue. They made friends and grew their dog family on both coasts, after they moved from San Francisco, CA to Bucks County PA. Many remember driving up their long driveway in Pipersville to be greeted by a gang of Vizslas running up the drive and jumping on the car.  There was usually a mix of their own dogs, rescues, and some visiting dogs being cared for while owners traveled.  Many of us sat on that deck drinking wine and learning about Vizslas.  Stanley shared his knowledge, advice, and opinions freely and was famous for his cooking, both for humans and dogs!   We hope all the dogs Stanley brought into the world or cared for have greeted him in Heaven.  They all loved and remembered Stanley, as Steve and the friends and family he left behind will. 


In December 2022, the Keystone Vizsla Club lost one of our founding members, Diane Shearer.  


Diane owned and bred Vizslas since the mid 1980’s.  Her dogs were mostly under the registered kennel name of “Legacy”, but started out earlier under the name “Sagi”  Her goal from the start was to produce a truly versatile dog.  Her dogs have produced 100+ Champions of record with many more earning titles at both ends of their names, including HOF Chartay, owned by Jack Sharkey.  OTCH MACH FC AFC CH Legacy’s DeChartay, MH 5XUDX MX MXJ VC, who was the first quintuple champion in AKC history, is in the VCA Hall of Fame, and her picture hangs in the front entrance of the AKC offices in North Carolina.


Her dedication to the breed has been shown in many ways including her time serving on the Board and various committees of the Vizsla Club of America, serving as an AKC judge (and the QOL judge at VCA NFT events), forming the Keystone Vizsla Club, and serving on the Conestoga Vizsla Club board.  She also happily served as a mentor to others in the breed, formally to other judges, and to her puppy families.  She was also passionate about breed referral and rescue, where she dedicated much time and energy over the last 10 years.


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In memory of Sammy Lorenti (Oct 23, 2001 - Oct 6, 2015) the one who started our love affair with these red dogs.  We miss you buddy! 
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